Audio-Technica Microphones

Audio-Technica Microphone Provides Advanced Performance for Creators

With its studio-quality audio, plug-and-play USB-C operation, and enhanced features, the AT2020USB-X brings professional performance and versatility to the studios of all content creators. Select from the wide range of Audio-Technica Microphone below.

The Perfect Podcasting Mic

Podcasters and other content creators no longer have to choose between professional sound and an affordable price – the AT2040 podcast mic gives you both.

Exceptional Performance

A wide array of high-performance microphones built for rugged reliability and optimized for vocal presence and clarity.

Capture the Action

With shotgun mics capturing the action from the stands, stereo mics to capture the ambience of a live event, on-air mics for play by play, interview mics, A-T has you covered.

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