Fifine T683 USB Condenser Microphone Kit


Fifine T683 USB Condenser Microphone Kit – Pre-Owned Features

  • 7 Days Checking Warranty
  • Studio Quality Audio Unidirectional condenser mic captures crystal clear audio for podcasts, streaming, dictation, voice over.
  • Easy-to-use Controls You can quickly adjust the input volume or mute the mic during broadcast and online meetings.
  • Headphone Jack Allows you to monitor your recording or listen to the pc audio.
  • Comes with Pop Filter Effectively blocks the harsh popping and makes your vocal editing so much easier.
  • 6.56ft USB-B to USB-A/C cable Ensures easy connection with different computers. No adapter required.


Fifine T683 USB Condenser Microphone Kit

Fifine T683 USB Condenser Microphone Kit Overview

Fifine T683 USB Condenser Microphone Kit Overview

Raise your streaming with a full-on bundle

  • Fifine T683 Microphone Kit is a complete package for your audio recording and streaming needs.
  • A custom-made U-shape pop filter will catch your eyes at first glance. But it does more than adding a sense of aesthetics and presence to the microphone itself. With the dual-layer design, it cuts out plosive well!
  • The party piece comes in! Nothing fancy about a detachable cable, but how about a combo output connector? A type-A plus type-C jacks will change your usage pattern completely! No need for an adapter to hook up the mic with your Macbook Pro anymore. And even more, for Android and IOS users who do a lot of travel and need a small form factor microphone to record their music or podcast, they can do it very quickly. It is one mic to rule laptop, PC, game console and mobiles. You are going to love this type of vibe!
  • The maximum extension of the arm stand is around 76 cm. Don’t have a clue on how long it is? That means it can go from the side of your desk to in front of your mouth perfectly! You do not have to lean on the side to talk. Such flexibility to swing the mic around guarantees a successful podcast/streaming. Because the mic or the stand will no longer get in the way to hider eye contact in a live podcast.
  • The boom arm stand also keeps the mic off the table. Combing with a shock mount, you will hear much less vibration or file flipping noise from the workspace.
  • The unique design makes it the only shock mount that fits a microphone with on-body dials.
  • Scroll the volume wheel when the audience tells your voice is too soft or too loud during game, broadcast or web conferencing, saving the trouble to pause and pull up a config. panel to adjust.
  • A volume control complements with a low-latency monitoring jack is just making your use experience much better. You do not have to count on others’ ears to hear if the level goes wrong but on your own.
  • The streamers’ desired feature – a mute button, we have nailed it. But without a LED indicator, the quick mute feature will lose its charm. So there it is in the front panel.
  • With all accessories and features being pulled out of the bag, is it able to claim the title of one of the best USB microphone bundle for the bang in 2021? No, the most concerning character – the tone is not set yet.
  • So is there any Ace still hiding up the sleeves? Yes! It does not deviate from the household name of the best recording microphone for $50 from its predecessor FIFINE K670. The same 16mm capsule (2mm larger than the generic models), which will capture a more engaged sound while still maintain the high-end clairty, is the guarantee of a well-balanced sound for doing podcasts or voice-over.
  • The higher bit depth and sample rate of a budget microphone are more of a marketing than a game-changer. Especially the higher-than-normal sample rate is not possible to be perceived by human ears. But it is never a bad thing when such features come as standard.
Β  usb microphone kit usb microphone kit RGB Gaming Microphone Kit Fifine T683 USB Condenser Microphone Kit – Pre-Owned K651 usb dynamic gaming microphone
Studio Microphone (T669) Studio Microphone (T732) RGB Gaming Microphone Kit (A6T) Studio Microphone (T683) Dynamic Gaming Mic with RGB Shock Mount (K651)
Acoustic Principle Condenser Condenser Condenser Condensor Dynamic
Shock Mount incl. βœ“ βœ“ βœ“ βœ“ βœ“ (RGB Shock Mount)
Gain Control βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
Tap-to-mute βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
Pop Filter βœ“ βœ“ βœ“ βœ“

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