Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit 9 Panels


Touch-sensitive light squares that are modular and easy to use! Instal on any flat surface using the included mounting system. 09 Panels


Connect modular colour changing light squares together to completely customise your own RGB installation.

Customisable Layouts

Create Your Own Designs

Square panels connect on all four sides for endless design possibilities. Staggered Linker Slots allow you to arrange your Canvas squares side by side or in an offset position, giving even more versatility for totally unique creations!

Music Visualiser

See Your Music Come to Life

Transform your favourite songs into a music festival light show in your own home. Try the Pop Rocks Rhythm Scene and watch your lights dance to the beat.

Touch Control

Reacts To Your Touch

Control your lights with swipes and taps right on the panels themselves. Turn on and off, adjust the brightness, and change Scenes, without ever pulling out the app. Or just have fun with interactive Touch Games like Whack-A-Mole.

Screen Mirror

Beyond the Screen

The colours from your screen are reflected on your panels for an immersive experience. Use Match mode for next-level movie nights and gaming sessions. Available through the Nanoleaf Desktop App.

Modular Light Squares

Combine panels into any design to match your personal style.

Music Visualiser

With the Rhythm feature watch your light squares react to any music or sound.


Exclusive technology that enables intelligent colour animations based on your panel layout.

Touch-Enabled Experiences

Control the lights or play Touch Games. Try Touch Actions to activate HomeKit devices.

16M+ Colours

You choose – crisp functional lighting or beautiful ambience with dynamic colour Scenes.

Simple Installation

Drill-free installation with the included double-sided Mounting Tape.

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