Upgrade to leading-edge technology that performs with the utmost speed and reliability, no matter how intensive the workload. With Samsung SSDs, brace yourself for a fast-boosting PC, fast-loading games, and multitasking that reaches startling new speeds.

Experience industry-defining innovation and engineering prowess. With unmatched immersion, cutting edge performance and striking design, Odyssey makes gaming about the journey, not the destination.

With Samsung QLED technology, the deepest blacks and vivid colors bring environments to life with unprecedented realism. HDR ensures that every pixel on Odyssey has picture perfect depth.

Samsung Odyssey offers the world’s biggest gaming monitor with a 1000 Radius Curve. Utilizing Samsung’s industry defining knowledge, Odyssey matches the curvature of the human eye without any image distortion, so your games can benefit from an enhanced point of view, without any lighting or color issues.

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