Fifine T669 USB Condenser Microphone Kit


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Fifine T669 USB Condenser Microphone Kit Features

  • 3 Months Warranty
  • Condenser Mic Capsule-Condenser USB microphone kit with wide frequency response and decent signal-to-noise ratio provides clear and clean sound quality.
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern-Mics for PC effectively minimizes off-axis noises such as room ambiance, monitors, and off-axis instruments.
  • Studio Sound Output-The streaming microphone output result in quiet and noise-free while maintaining maximum signal gain.
  • Convenient Gain Knob-Computer PC microphone with volume knob allows you to quickly adjust the output audio level.
  • USB-B to USB Cable-Detachable USB cable of recording microphone provides a secure, locking connection and excellent signal transfer.
  • Easy to Attach-Vocal microphone Kit outfitted with a sturdy C-clamp for easy attachment to a broadcast mic arm stand for extending over computer or studio monitors
  • Versatile and Sturdy Broadcast Mic-Condenser microphone great for studio as well as home use. It’s ideal for broadcast, voiceover, and podcasts.
  • Accessory Package-Microphone kit studio includes condenser microphone, scissor boom arm stand, C-Clamp, pop filter, windscreen, shock mount, USB-B to USB cable and user’smanual. Ideal gift for podcasters, musicians and gamers.


Available on backorder


Fifine T669 USB Condenser Microphone Kit

Fifine T669 USB Microphone Kit Description

Fifine T669 USB Condenser Microphone Kit Features:

An update of the prototype FIFINE K669B and so much more

  • The Fifine T669 comes with fool-proof auto-installation on Mac, Windows and Play Station (incompatible with Xbox) and the time-efficient setup with Discord, Twitch and OBS have not changed slightly from K669B.
  • It is the Lord who shall stay in your studio. The compatibility with iPhone & iPad via a USB adapter is not necessary. But it is just good to have such an extra benefit.
  • An all-metal body with sleek black finish has the same bloodline of steadiness as all FIFINE USB microphone series.
  • No straight copy, but what is the actual difference of the microphones themselves, between the new-comer T669 and the time-tested K669B?

The difference of Specs.
A detachable cable provides the convenience of packing up or carrying around and of replacing the broken or missing cord.
The difference of Tone
Better bass results in a more rounded sound for podcasting. The less self-noise brings an overall lower noise floor.

The included accessories are functional as well as decorative

  • The maximum extension of the arm stand is around 76 cm, which can go from the side of your desk to in front of your mouth perfectly. You do not have to lean on the side to talk.
  • Such flexibility to swing the mic around is the guarantee to have a successful podcast. Because then the mic or the stand itself can not get in the way to block eye contact, which is crucial in a live podcast.
  • The boom arm stand also keeps the mic off a table. Combing with a shock mount, you will hear much less vibration or file flipping noise from the workspace. The unique design makes it the only shock mount that fits a microphone with on-body dials.
  • The pop filter is not close to a poor relation of the whole package, dual layers reject p noise well. And the C-clamp was carefully designed to hold firmly the whole kit.

What you have seen are small improvements, but what you will hear is a big leap

  • Because of the ability to get the best clarity up the top, its predecessor, K669b, has a long record of being an all-rounder for spoken words or even vocal recording.
  • The praise of gamers or podcasters on this T669 will long live, not just because of the inherited crisp high ends from the K669B, but the tightened low-ends and the improved overall self-noise level.
  • The arm stand helps with environmental noise isolation as well as acquirement of a more rounded sounding. Thus, the T669 will give you the best streaming and recording experience ever for its clean and balanced audio. T669 will claim the crown of budget USB microphone kit and it will be quite a challenge for any microphone bundle competitors to beat.


Type Condenser
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Frequency Response 20-20kHz
Sensitivity -34d±30% (at 1kHz)
S/N Ratio 78dB
Power Supply 5V USB power
Output Connection USB 2.0
Shipping Weight 1.5 kg

  usb microphone kit usb microphone kit RGB Gaming Microphone Kit K651 usb dynamic gaming microphone
Studio Microphone (T669) Studio Microphone (T732) RGB Gaming Microphone Kit (A6T) Dynamic Gaming Mic with RGB Shock Mount (K651)
Acoustic Principle Condenser Condenser Condenser Dynamic
Shock Mount incl. ✓ (RGB Shock Mount)
Gain Control
Pop Filter
Connector Type USB A USB A USB A USB A

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